Alizadeh Shahram

For me, art is the comfort of escaping from reality.

About the artist

The talented artist Alizadeh Shahram was born in Tehran (Iran) in 1978 and fled to Austria at the age of 11, which cost him a lot of emotional energy. Only after a very difficult time for Alizadeh did he find the strength to devote himself to his passion - art - and so began to paint as a pure self-taught artist. Through constant improvement of his skills and a seemingly endless inspiration and imagination, the talented artist Alizadeh Shahram has already achieved great success with his surrealist artworks in the past 10 years and has exhibited and sold his paintings on an international level, with some art collectors and famous musicians among his buyers. Together with CheetahCraft worldart, the artist now wants to further expand his reach and, despite the difficult times triggered by the Corona wave, enrich the art market with his extraordinary, surrealist paintings.

Exhibitions (selection)

Exhibition - 09/30/2013, Gallery Time

Exhibition - April 4-April 7, 2019, NY Art expo

Exhibition - Dec 3-Dec 8, 2019, Scope Miami

Exhibition- 5.7-7.7 2019, Art Market Hampton

Exhibition - Feb 5-Feb 9, 2020, LA Art Show

Exhibition- November 3rd - November 12th, 2021, Puplic Artists


Cover art for the book 'The Crushing Organ' by Dan Rosenberg and various CD covers by musicians.  

About Alizadeh

When I fled from Iran to Austria at the age of 11, a very difficult time awaited me because it was not easy for me to gain a foothold in this new country. In my youth, when I was 14 years old, I even became homeless for several years and it was only after my foster father took me off the street that my life in Austria really began. These difficult times cost me a lot of strength and shaped me.

Although I have always had an interest in art during the difficult years of my life, I could not muster the necessary energy to deal with it seriously. Only after the birth of my daughter did I finally find my way back to my inspiration and passion for art and started painting.