Andrea Scheiber

Like with my children, I give love, devotion and protection to my artworks - they are a part of me.

About the artist

Artist Andrea Scheiber was born in Sopron in Hungary in 1968 and has lived in Marz in Austria since 1998.

From a young age she was fascinated by art and painting. She probably got the talent for it from her deceased father (also an artist). When Andrea Scheiber started painting in acrylics in 2002, this connection to her father, who died young, was so important to her that she signed her pictures with her maiden name.

In the meantime she has already had some great opportunities to present her works of art to the public, for example at an exhibition in Purbacher Kellergasse as well as at Advent markets in Marz and in the Künstlerkeller Purbach. With CheetahCraft worldart, the artist Andrea Scheiber wants to expand her market and reach the international art trade.

About Andrea

For me, painting is a game with colors and I love this game – a lot. It is a passion, yes mostly a creative addiction.

As is well known, my colors have an effect on the soul, they can make us happy, sad, aggressive, calm us down or heal us. Musicians express their emotions through songs, me when I can create something. Painting is my symphony. The tools are brushes, spatula, canvas, paints and my imagination.

My style of painting: projective - emotional - impressionism I paint my emotional impressions and convert them into picture projects. Happy moments, the beauty of nature or political issues - such as war and destruction - influence my work. I keep the impressions in my head and heart for some time, they have to ripen like fruit, good cheese or wine. This phase can last for days, even weeks. I feel it bubbling inside me, like lava in a volcano before it erupts, explodes and comes to the surface.

For me, this is the beginning of an exciting and fascinating time in which I can let my emotions run free. Then I'm completely happy and I want to share this feeling with the whole world. Like my children, I give love, devotion and protection to the works - they are a part of me. Or in the words of a well-known painter:

"The purpose of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it." - Pablo Picasso