Annika Korbitsch

For me, art is the anchor that keeps me away from indifference, protects me from blindness - it gives me a place in this world.

About the artist

Annika Korbitsch is a modern artist whose art is versatile and diverse and covers different genres and motifs. Annika Korbitsch discovered her love for art through her training as a gold-/silversmith and engraver in Ferlach and then decided to develop her skills as a painter and create artworks. In 2017, the versatile artist began to work increasingly on new works and is now completely self-employed as an artist. Annika Korbitsch proves her creative talent in a large number of very different art series, ranging from pencil and colored pencil drawings to oil paintings and alcohol ink artworks, which cover a broad spectrum of aesthetics. In addition to her skills as an artist, Annika Korbtisch's reach and fame is growing steadily and, together with CheetahCraft worldart, the artist is now able to exploit the entire international art market and offer her artworks online.

Exhibitions (selection)

2019: Group exhibition "The last animals on earth" art project Artfactory Graz

2019: Participation in ARTBOX projects, New York

2019: European Art Fest Linz

2019: Stadtmacher Wolfsberg group exhibition autumn 2019,

2020: Group exhibition "Imagine" Uptownart Graz,

2020: "Planet Earth" Art Festival at the Klangen Art Station, September 14-27, 2020

2020: Stadtmacher Wolfsberg group exhibition

About Annika

Art is the anchor that keeps me from indifference, protects me from blindness. A world in which I feel carried and caught. Art gives me a place in this world.

When I paint, my understanding of time is put into perspective. I design every detail and every
Detail has a story to tell. Here I dive into a strange world. A world that I create for myself, in which time has no meaning. Often it is difficult for me to break away from my world after work is done. As soon as you look up, you find yourself in a world driven by greed, speed and efficiency. This reality, which has become our only truth, can be escaped through art. The slow emergence of a picture is a creative process in which new events occur constantly and unexpected situations force me to focus my gaze on an even deeper world. The longer I paint, the deeper I immerse myself in my peace of mind, in my inner peace. When the creative process is over, not everything disappears from this world. I captured part of it in the picture, part of it I carry inside and through me into the real world.

I understand more and more that the challenge for me as an artist who wants to be authentic is: to keep my two souls in balance. One soul wants to immerse, swim with, drown, in a feeling of belonging to a larger whole. To peace, to love, to beauty, to security, to fantasy, to madness, to freedom, to hope, to grace, to joy. The other side wants to show the horror of reality - it has to! The light is not valued unless one also knows the darkness. Peace is not valued without despair, without the abyss, without hopelessness. Because of this, I have to paint both. The war and the despair in me, but also the hope for redemption. Often with my absolute anchor of fantasy.