Antonella Quacchia

Art is movement, rhythm, and connection.

About the artist

Antonella Quacchia is an Italian artist, born in 1957, living and working in Vienna, Austria. Antonella has pursued her natural passion for painting since childhood. While still occupied with a demanding career in the Digital Communications sector, she was the pupil of renowned painters in Geneva and in France, with whom she developed her drawing skills, acquired notions of compositions and of color theory, and was exposed to various innovative techniques based on acrylics and aquarelle painting. During her artistic journey, Antonella Quacchia painted many figurative subjects such as portraits, landscapes flowers and still life. She then realised that what she can best express herself through is abstract art, as it leaves a lot of room for curiosity and sharing of emotions. 

In the words of an Italian art critic, Dott. Antonio Castellana:  “Antonella Quacchia's art projects us into a multicoloured, polychrome universe, with the representation of abstract works that sometimes peer into the invisible. Through her inner manifesto, she creates her paintings with symbols and meanings that she communicates through a poetics able to amaze the viewer.”

Together with CheetahCraft worldart Antonella Quacchia will now increase her reach and also enrich the international art market with her artworks. 

Solo-Exhibitions (selection):

09 - 15 August 2022, Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Campo Manin, Venezia, IT 

25 - 27 March 2022, PantoART Galerie, Wien, AT

15 - 19 March 2022,  WienARTig Gallery, Wien, AT

Group-Exhibitions (selection):

"ART AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL ", 17 - 19.06.2022, Stift Dürstein, Dürnstein, AT

"LUXEMBURG ART FAIR", 19 - 22.05.2022, Luxemburg, LU  presented by MONAT Gallery, Madrid. ES

"STARKE FRAUEN", 04.08.2022 - 03.09.2022,  SUR Gallery,  Wien, AT

„verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet“, 13 .- 23.05.2022, PantoART Galerie, Wien, AT

“ L’ARTE TUTELA LA NATURA E L'UMANITÀ“, 17 - 23.05.2022, Galleria Milanese, Brera, Milano, IT

"WOMAN ESSENCE", 21 - 24.04.2022, 24b Gallery, 1er Paris, FR

"Le diversità del contemporaneo", 01 - 30.04.2022, ROSSOCINABRO Gallery, Rome, IT

"Are you ready?" 21.10.2021 - 05.11.2021,  Palazzo Ducale, Genova, IT

"FUTURO" 10 - 24.06.2021, Spazio Arte TOLOMEO, MIlano, IT

Publications, Interviews and other projects  (selection):

CATALOGO dell'ARTE MODERNA Edizione 58,  Mondadori  (CAIRORCS Editore), to be presented in Milano, November 2022

SPOTLIGHT Magazine n29, page 13. 

WOMAN'S ESSENCE 2022 - the woman of the contempporary art -, MUSA International, SERRADIFALCO Editore  April 2022

IG Live on 6.July.2022 with MONAT Gallery as part of the “Hidden Treasures” exhibition, 4.7.2022 - 3.8.2022, MONAT gallery, Madrid, ES

Luca Curci talks with Antonella Quacchia during the opening of CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2021 - THE SECRET GARDEN, at Misericordia Archives.

About Antonella

My academic background is in Computer Science and a few years ago I started pursuing my long-lasting passion: painting! I attended a few workshops and experimented with various techniques on my own, trying out watercolours, pastels, oil painting and acrylics; the latter, used in conjunction with a variety of uncommon materials in painting, gives light to my works.

Life expresses itself through a rhythm of shapes and colours, like in a dance. I capture life movement through an almost geometric representation made up essentially of coloured shapes. Following in the footsteps of the first abstract painters of the early 20th century, my art reduces reality to a series of shapes and colours so that anyone can connect to their imagination, grasp the movement, and make room for their own personal interpretation.

Driven by a great curiosity and a strong personal interest, I have travelled extensively in various parts of the world, always fascinated by the beauty of our planet and the diversity of the people who inhabit it. Memories of those travels constitute a great source of inspiration, along with the observation of everything surrounding me: people, colours, movement, news, food… 

Usually at the beginning of my creative process there is not much intentionality, but rather a free flow of emotions. Ilike to call this stage 'chaos', but it could also be called 'chance'. I then engage in a dialogue with the support, with the shapes, with the colours and a more conscious intention to give sense to the masses can emerge. I feel like a sculptor who draws the shape of a statue from a marble block.