B. The Crossover Artist

For me, art is a way to organize and manifest my thoughts, almost like a dialogue with myself.

About the artist

The Crossover Artist is a young artist from Vienna and started her pseudonymised artist career in 2020. Her style is characterized by a mixture (or crossover) of different styles, techniques and materials in her artworks. She mixes pop art, comic, street art, but also classic acrylic painting, pouring, and fineline techniques. Her career started on social media, but in February 2021 her first presentation in a gallery took place and since then numerous exhibitions, projects and even two awards have followed.

The person behind B. The Crossover Artist originally comes from the field of linguistics and literature, which is why words, writing and literary references play a large role in her artistic creations - sometimes overtly in the form of text elements and sometimes discreetly in painterly metaphors, but always with the background to transport intense expressions of thoughts. As a result, diverse interpretation possibilities are always revealed in her paintings, which should encourage the viewer to deal with their own thoughts about the artwork.

Exhibitions (Selection):

February 2021: first exhibition ('DIVERSITY') at the publicartists gallery in Vienna

July - August 2021: Self-organized UV solo exhibition in the Blacklite Arena in Vienna

September 2021: Exhibition ('Figures') at the Uptown Art Gallery in Graz

September 2021: Street art event 'Kunst am Zaun' at the Börseplatz in Vienna

October 2021: Exhibition 'Best-Of Kunst am Zaun' in the Lichtraum Eins Gallery in Vienna

Since October 2021: Permanent exhibition in the Justice Center ('Art to Law') in Vienna

January-May 2022: youngART award and exhibition in the T69 gallery in Vorarlberg

February 2022: Artbox Project World 2.0 Display Exhibition in Zurich (Switzerland)

Since February 2022: 7th Art Online Prize and digital exhibition

June 2022: Exhibition 'Modern Diversity' at the Sur Gallery in Vienna

June 2022: Open Art Athens exhibition in Athens (Greece)

About B.

For me, art is a way of arranging and manifesting my thoughts - like a dialogue with myself. I originally come from the field of literature and linguistics, so the intensive expression of thoughts and feelings plays an important role in my philosophy of life - completely whether written on paper or processed in an image. Sometimes both when I fill up my pictures. My style is very versatile and crosses genres, just like my thoughts themselves: sometimes loud and colourful, sometimes sensual and relaxed, but always with a precise meaning behind it.

When I paint, it's always out of a kind of reflex or urge that gets stronger and weaker. Sometimes I don't paint at all for a few weeks and then several paintings in a row.
My goal is to keep creating art without losing my authenticity. I only want to paint what really engages and inspires me, not what the masses seem to 'like'. I would like to refine my feeling for art picture by picture and develop my personal approach to it. I will paint until I have nothing more to say - and that can take a looong time.

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