Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher

Poetic purism - that could describe my intentions quite well.

About the artist

Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher is a qualified interior designer and has also discovered art as a passion and a second mainstay. In 2004 she completed seminars and workshops with several artists and learned to deal with different techniques (calligraphy, oil painting, monotype, working with pigments, ways to abstraction, large format, photography). Since 2019, Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher has focused her greatest concentration on painting, but also still part-time works with project coordination and consulting for interior design.

The experienced artist Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher has already practiced many styles and techniques and has created a large number of special works and art series. One of her strengths lies in the art of printing and in particular in monotype art, a special printing technique that Brigitte has mastered over the years. Precision as well as chance play an important role and enable unique, unrepeatable artworks. Together with CheetahCraft worldart, Brigitte Oberilk-Burtscher is now able to offer her wonderful works of art online and internationally for sale.

Exhibitions (selection)

2020 art.aqua 1080 Vienna, Laudongasse 58 (participation)

2016 Monotypes - an aha-experience M-Zone MAMUZ, Mistelbach (participation)

2011 Selection 2006 - 2011 Open Office in Oberlik Architects, 1180 Vienna

2006 painting at "toupet or not toupet", Nuremberg

2005 BPW - Private Collection 03 Palais Palffy, Vienna (participation)

2004 Hortus Niger annual exhibition Seminar G. Brettschuh Schloß Halbenrain (participation)

1996 Exhibition of the Siemens gallery and gallery in the Siemens factory building, Erlangen

1995 Presentation in the PSK Vienna, Rennweg, 1030 Vienna

1985 Landscape in pastel and watercolor Kur- und Kongresshaus, Millstatt, Carinthia

1984 Watercolor - colored pencil - pastel Casablanca 1150 Vienna

About Brigitte

Contradiction captivates me, opposites irritate me - order and chaos, lightness and density, beauty and directness, seriousness and play ... conflict accompanies us all the time. It is these opposites that shape my artworks and document the work process. "Poetic purism" - that would perhaps describe my intentions very well. I paint abstract paintings in which color, surfaces, lines, structures and space determine the painting process as well as concentration, dynamics, rhythm, cautiousness, destruction and chance and there are artworks where from the depth of my memories color sounds, light moods, shapes and Silhouettes appear, which add to fictional places or to impressions of nature, whereby nature is not just an abstract landscape, but rather its colors and shapes, the silence, the vastness, a horizon ...

No matter how concentrated the work begins, at some point, sometimes at the last moment, an unexpected energy surprises me, makes me feel deeply insecure, but then everything goes very easily. It is only after a certain time that I realize that precisely this energy was just waiting for the right moment. Painting is freedom, it is uncompromising experimentation with color, shape and structure, finding the unknown, finding the forgotten again. Only during the painting do the feelings differentiate and the artwork ultimately reveals something to the viewer about his or her condition.

In all of this, monotype printing is a very special art. Although carefully rolled, mixed, provided with lines, with edges, light surfaces, erased areas and other interventions, the sheet itself is still always a surprise. It is calculation and game in equal measure and precisely for that reason so incomparable. Chance is the best friend here.