Bushman Art Gallery

Our collection of antique African art is the most distinguished of whole Southern Africa. 

About the artist

For nearly three decades, the Bushman Art Gallery has proven that it offers one of the most attractive 'one stop' experiences in South Africa. Their collection of ancient African art from across the continent is the finest in all of South Africa and is loved by art lovers as well as simple shoppers and tourists. The Bushman Art Gallery offers not only the most beautiful, but also the most valuable collection of African art and decorative objects from all of Namibia for sale.

In addition to African masks and jewelry, it also contains a selection of carvings and cult objects from all over the continent. All of these objects and artworks carry the tradition and culture of Africa and thus embody a very special, authentic aesthetic. Together with CheetahCraft worldart, the Bushman Art Gallery from Namibia can now expand its reach and share these wonderful art objects, carvings and other treasures with the wide world and offer them for sale online.

About Bushman

Art and history is our passion, in our Bushman Art Gallery we can combine both and offer artworks and decorative objects from all corners of Africa in our diverse collection. On one hand we present culture and special objects from local tribes and ethnic groups, on the other hand we also emphasize the artistic aesthetics behind it, the charm and beauty that these objects and carvings possess. Africa has so much to offer, so many beautiful, exciting and treasured things and some of them are in our gallery and can be admired by the whole world.

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