Christian Irmler

Reality is boring, enough of it already exists outside of my pictures.

About the artist

Christian Irmler comes from an artist family from Austria, in which there are also distant relatives to Gustav Klimt. Already in his early childhood he studied the numerous paintings by his grandfather on the walls of his parents' house, in which the daily table conversation often revolved around how to lead a viewer into a painting, how to capture him in it and how to tell stories and arouse emotions.

It was not until 1990, at the age of twelve, that he discovered photography for himself, which initially became a hobby and soon a great passion. In addition to his IT & marketing company, Christian Irmler ended up doing landscape photography in particular as a counterbalance to his day-to-day work.

It was only when Christian Irmler was asked several times in 2017 whether his pictures could also be printed and bought that he slowly began to commercialize his photography. Supported by his international YouTube channel, in which he shows how he creates his works, he mainly offers fine art prints. A fine selection of his artworks is now also distributed as limited special editions on large canvases in fine art printing and offered on the international art market in cooperation with CheetahCraft worldart.

About Christian

Isn't it that we all want to escape reality every now and then? Perhaps sitting on the living room sofa with a glass of wine in hand?

My main concern is to create works of art that, although photographed in our real world, tell a story that moves one step away from reality. Pictures in which you can linger for a long time, in which there is always something new to discover. Images that can be interpreted individually and arouse emotions in the viewer.

This ranges from expressionistic approaches, where I particularly emphasize the inner values ​​of elements, to impressionistic concepts, where I express mood, nourished by my own emotions. All the way to surrealistic stories that result from relationships and contrasts between elements, as if one were looking at the sky and instead of clouds simply seeing a wide variety of figures.

It is my very personal goal that you refill your wine while you take a new journey through one of my artworks.

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