Dalila Mudura

What do I like the most? To transform anything into aesthetic objects. An object of perceptible beauty.

About the artist

Dalila Mudura is a versatile artist who, in years of experience in creating art, has created numerous, very different but also significant paintings. Artist Dalila works with different materials such as oil, acrylic, spray paint, gold leaf and preferably on all possible surfaces that she can get her hands on. Her works of art have many interested parties and supporters who appreciate her special, semi-abstract and at the same time figurative, recognizable style. Together with CheetahCraft worldart, Dalila Mudura is now able to offer her paintings to the entire international art market and to inspire even more people for her art.

Exhibitions (selection)

2019: Arte e donne, Cultura Timis, Casa Artelor

2020: Anime Senza Voce, Ravennna

2020: Austriaci in Friuli, Galleria ARTtime

2021: 'Menschenbilder', publicartists gallery, Vienna

About Dalila

I love to paint, but recently working with scraps of paper and recycled or unusual materials / objects and jewelry has become very dear to my heart. What do I like the most? To turn anything into aesthetic objects. An object of perceptible beauty. For my eyes and heart, as well as the eyes and hearts of others. My technique? I work with oil, acrylic, tempera and spray paint ... on any surface I can find ...

Sometimes it is difficult to describe yourself, but the renowned Berlin art curator and exhibition organizer Olga Mroz has found the following beautiful and very apt words for me and my art that I liked: “The pictures of the young artist Dalila Mudura catch the eye and her lightness in all her creations magically attracts the viewer. With the brush she brings spontaneity, temperament and energy to the canvas. As an artist, Dalila is in dialogue with her art. She is never satisfied with what she created. Experiment - that is the way in your artistic world. Her style of painting is very innovative, she has developed her own technique, which brings out the dynamics and emotions of color and structure even more. Dalila has a playful way of seducing the viewer, because her technical and artistic process is very spontaneous and surprising. In this way, her expressive pictures overcome the boundary between the work of art and the viewer."

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