Elton Mugomo

I bring the wild, the tranquility, and the importance of wildlife to people in an unorthodox way of painting.


About the artist

Artist Elton Mugomo was born in Zimbabwe and is the oldest of 5 children. He spent part of his childhood in Botswana, but has now settled in Namibia and started a family there. During his teenage years, he and his friends loved building mud sculptures by the river and measuring each other's skills - all in an attempt to win a girl's heart. These childish memories became Elton's greatest inspiration and the reason he dedicated himself to the arts. Although he used to be particularly interested in creating sculptures, today he is mainly a painter and creates acrliyc paintings primarily with wild animals such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes and zebras from Africa.

When the artist Elton Mugomo paints his acrylic artworks, he likes to combine them with a touch of collage art and uses ink and acrylic to reflect his personal, 'lifelike', peaceful impression of the wilderness of Africa. The explosive use of colors that manifests itself, portrays the diverse nature and wild animals in their untamed environment. Thanks to his collaboration with CheetahCraft worldart, his special works of art are no longer only available in Namibia, but also internationally and online for the whole world.

Exhibitions (selection):

2011 - First Exhibition of Prints at Namibian Art and Jewelery

2012 - Solo Exhibition at Art Stop Gallery Swakobmund

2013 - Duo Exhibition titled Township in Acrylic, Art Stop Swakobmund

2015 - Combined Exhibition at Cosdef Arts and Craft Center

2015 - Combined Exhibition at the Fine Art Gallery Swakobmund

2016 - "Life in Black and White" House of Arts, Windhoek

About Elton

When I paint, I paint what inspires me. I get my strongest inspiration from the wilderness and the wild animals of my home country Namibia in Africa. The nature here is beautiful and the animals that live here have a very special charisma, a grace that cannot be found anywhere else. For me these animals are peaceful and pure - like a reflection of Africa.

Every animal that I paint has its own character, a soul, an aesthetic that belongs on the canvas and should develop its effect there forever. These creatures are just beautiful.

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