Josef Mayer

My photography gives free space to the aesthetics of coincidence.

About the artist

Josef Mayer is a photo artist who knows how to combine two areas as different as digital photography with the abstractness of color play. Through his photographic training from 2010 to 2014 at the Prague School of Photography in Upper Austria, the artist was able to gather a lot of technical knowledge and experience that later served in the creation of his photographic artworks. Overall, however, Josef Mayer has been dealing with the practical as well as the theoretical development of photography and thus his artistic craft for much longer than that, for over 30 years. His personal style focuses the eye of his photo lens on the movement and spontaneity of flowing colors, so that Josef Mayer eagerly waits for an interesting impression to emerge within the tangle of colors, which he can capture before it disappears again in the next moment - this is the connection between photo-art and abstraction: abstract photography.

Since 2009 the photographer has presented his work in solo or group exhibitions in public spaces, galleries, cafes and at trade fairs. In his collaboration with CheetahCraft worldart, Josef Mayer is now also able to offer his photo-artworks online on the international art market for the first time.

Exhibitions (selection)

2011 - Exhibition, Cafe Pusch, St. Pölten

2013 - Group exhibition, PFSOE, Linz State Library

2013 - Group exhibition, Graz trade fair

2016 - illustrated book, “The Great Erlauf”, Provincial Library

2018 - Exhibition, LKH Amstetten

2019 - Exhibition, Galerie Sandpeck, Vienna

2021 - Group exhibition, PuplicArtists, Vienna

About Josef

My main interest is abstract and experimental photography. The results of my photographic artworks are not digital compositions, but macro shots of colors in the flow. While the colors are being mixed, compositionally interesting details are captured photographically. With this concept, the aesthetics of chance is given a lot of space. I am on a kind of search for traces in the flowing form and color gradients. The results are abstract and are aimed at the eye and the imagination of the viewer.

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