Marietta Gyetko

In my art I combine my passion for sport and exercise with my passion for modern pop art.

About the artist

Born in Hungary, Marietta Gyetko has committed her life to two passions: sport and art. As a graduate of an Austrian sports high school, Marietta now takes part in official handball tournaments and is also a qualified graphic and web designer, which ultimately brought her to art. In order to express herself artistically, Marietta Gyetko has started to create professional portraits using mixed techniques and has built up a large customer base in the process. She expresses her creative personality very clearly in her paintings and, thanks to her connection to sport, has already received several commissions from professional athletes. Artist Marietta Gyetko can understand their emotions and bring them to the canvas in a detailed manner, which may only gotten enabled by her personal relationship to competitive sport.

The Hungarian artist has also expanded her artistic horizons by creating digital portraits. Inspired by world-famous Pop Art artists and paintings, she works primarily very intensively with stencil and collage techniques. The up-and-coming artist Marietta Gyetko has already achieved a wide reach in a short time and now, through her collaboration with CheetahCraft worldart, she can also sell her paintings online and thus present them on the international art market.

Exhibitions (selection)

March 2021: Group exhibition in the publicartists gallery in Vienna

May 2021: Group exhibition in the publicartists gallery in Vienna

June 2021: Group exhibition in the publicartists gallery in Vienna

About Marietta

The creative expression of my skills in painting has given me many new orders and inquiries in a short space of time. In 2020 I had almost 40 customers who were very satisfied with my performance. The way in which I understand their needs and bring their ideas to the screen is what sets me apart, which is why many people have trusted me in the short period of my career.
My paintings have already been shown in three exhibitions, which has given me additional recognition. One of my strengths as an artist is the ability to mix colors in such a way that they catch everyone's eye. I use rich tones and blends that give my images a strong physical presence, which is an essential characteristic of my artistic style.