Regina Unger

I feel lucky to be able to paint - art is my elixir of life!

About the artist

Regina Unger - also known under the synonym UNGER-ART - is with her roots located in the Marchfeld in Franzensdorf. She has been an artist for years and has honed her skills over the years. In training with both domestic and foreign lecturers, the artist Regina Unger has specialized primarily in acrylic, oil and watercolor painting. She also uses mixed media methods and paints abstract, geometric, as well as realistic/figurative paintings about nature and the universe.

Many years of creating art have given her a certain notoriety and enabled numerous national and international exhibitions that testify to the interest in her works of art. Together with CheetahCraft worldart, she will now expand her international profile on the online art market and continue to put her artworks in the public eye.

Exhibitions (selection):

Justizzentrum Wien Mitte,
RLB –Oberösterreich
Schloss Eckartsau
Schloss Marchegg
Barockpavillon Obersiebenbrunn,
Wiener Hofburg,
Galerie Baden,
Galerie Koko,
Miami -Museum of America,
Paris- Art Shopping of  the Carrousel de Louvre, 
Artexpo Rom,
Internationale Art View Vienna,   
Benefiz und Charity Auktion OFID-1.Bezirk

About Regina

How lucky can you be if you can express yourself creatively in art? I grew up in a loving family home and I was taught the uniqueness of the beautiful nature in Marchfeld. Since my parents noticed my fascination with colors, I was allowed to deal with various painting techniques at a young age. I am a great admirer of Monet and his Impressionist paintings and for me, Klimt is one of the most important painters. Because of my own family, raising children and my job, I didn't have much time for art for a few years. However, I enjoyed various courses with regional and foreign lecturers and have regularly exhibited at exhibitions in cultural palaces, art miles, benefit events, markets and galleries at home and abroad since 2010. In representational painting, nature with all its beauty is my source of inspiration. From the most delicate millefleur artworks to oversized flowers and butterflies, animals, also wild landscapes and meadows on our doorstep, all this brings movement and freedom into my life.

In my abstract artworks you can almost always find the spiral that occurs everywhere in nature - the symbol for infinity. Celestial bodies also move through the universe, blooming and colorful landscapes that could almost spring from the Garden of Eden, eruptions, spiral galaxies and much more can be found in the paintings. I always try to keep the aesthetics and above all the color composition in mind. The colors of my dreams may be transformed into an artwork. Playing with the colors, the materials, with sometimes coarse brushstrokes, spatulated or even flowing, are brought to the canvas. The structural materials sometimes used, pigments, granules, sands, gold and silver, recycled materials - all of this - to achieve desired effects. Some of my paintings may also have desired cracks, this morbid charm is what makes decay so appealing. For me, being able to live art means no restrictions in what I put on paper or canvas.