Robyn Nel

3D art redefined

About the artist

Robyn Nel lives in Namibia (Africa) and works with acrylic painting as well as creating sculptures and African carving. The African artist knows how to move 'between' the usual dimensions of classical art with his works. His special and authentic craft combines traditional African wooden sculptures and carved objects (e.g. masks) with acrylic paintings and thus creates art that literally stands out and has its very own, beautiful plasticity. Robyn Nels' artistic work creates wonderful 3D works of art that are heavily influenced by African culture and tradition. The atmospheric - and one can certainly say lively - depth that is given to his works in this way now tells the observer touching stories about Africa's animal wilderness.

The motifs of his 3D works of art range from animals (such as elephants, hippos, leopards or meerkats) to traditional African masks, figures and whole wooden sculptures. Robyn Nel draws his inspiration on the one hand from old, traditional African carving arts, tribal figures and the nature and fauna of Africa. While Robyn was only able to sell his works of art in the context of Namibia and some other parts of South Africa, he is now able to use the international art market in his collaboration with CheetahCraft worldart and offer his aesthetic 3D acrylic paintings with the wood carvings available to the whole world .

About Robyn

Born and raised in (South) Africa, I have become a person with a strong connection to tradition and culture, who has come to love and appreciate the diverse culture of our beautiful country. old wood carvings, traditional tribal figures and other objects that characterize and record the tradition and history of my country have always fascinated me and awakened my love for art. I want my wooden figures and 3D paintings to capture and reinterpret this spirit of our African culture.