Susanne Steffens

I love the process of creating a painting, with its diversity, uniqueness and tension, which makes it a big whole.

About the artist

The Viennese artist Susanne Steffens came to painting more than 20 years ago and has since made it her greatest passion. Her first paintings were made with oil paints, but then she discovered watercolours, which also inspired her. Over the years, Susanne has completed a number of courses with well-known artists, for example she learned the basics of acrylic painting at VOKA in 2006.

In the meantime, Susanne Steffens has developed her own signature in art, whereby she still paints both acrylic/oil paintings and watercolors. Together with CheetahCraft worldart, she will now work on expanding her reach and her art all over the world to present to the world.

Exhibitions (selection)

2014 Therapy Center Otto Bauer Gasse, 1060 Vienna
2015 Online. platform
2016 Atopia, 1040 Vienna
2017 District Museum Hietzing, 1130 Vienna
2018 Medicus Therapy Center, Kalksburg
2022 Public Artists, 1080 Vienna

About Susanne

My early artistic beginnings showed me the way to oil paint and canvas and brought me closer to art. Fascinated by the color world, I have always expanded my zest for action in watercolor and acrylic, whereby my greatest passion is abstraction. I was able to perfect my style in numerous workshops: the spontaneous expression of feelings and moods really touched me. The courage to experiment with strong colors allowed me to immerse myself in new dimensions of painting. I have learned various techniques (filling, glazing, pouring) and working with a wide variety of materials (putty, cement, sand, ash, iron filings, etc.) and have refined it in a whole series of workshops over many years.

My positive attitude to life is also the mirror of my imagery. Looking at my artworks, you will always discover something new, and I dynamically use bold colors to make these discoveries possible. The creation of a painting is a process that requires a feel for colour, experience and patience, and I really enjoy it.