Xenia und Georg Ivanoff-Erb

We often spend nights in the silence and solitude of remote places under a great starry sky.

About the artist

Xenia has developed a passionate predilection for wide, untouched spaces. She has the ability to depict the calm landscapes and sea scenes in a minimalist, yet emotional, lively way.

Together with her husband Georg they travel through the wilderness of Namibia / Africa and dedicate every free minute to their photography. The motifs they choose are the great nature, wonderful landscapes, old windmills and other beautiful spots in Africa, as well as wild cheetahs, zebra herds and other exotic, majestic and impressive animals. Their photos capture the aesthetics of Africa and its wilderness and after they printed them on high quality cotton-canvas they those impressions become available for all those passionated art-lovers around the world.

Not everyone enjoys the luxury of being able to live in Namibia surrounded by beautiful animals and breathtaking nature, but the photo-art by Xenia and Georg Ivanoff-Erb enables their customers to hang part of this spectacle as a work of art in their home and savor it every day .

Together with CheetahCraft worldart, it became possible for the photographer-couple to be offer their artworks outside of Namibia and sell their photoart online, so that people worldwide can buy them!

About Georg & Xenia

Many hours of traveling, hiking, standing still, looking and observing, listening to nature lead to the creation of an appealing image. We often spend nights in the silence and solitude of remote places under a great starry sky. At night, the camera's batteries are recharged and the images from the previous day are uploaded. We usually get up early, prepare our first cup of coffee long before sunrise, and check the equipment and settings. We also spend many hours driving home at night on deserted and dusty lanes to select and edit the final images.


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