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We select all of our artists specifically, who are then featured and promoted on our website as well as on our social media portals. Their artwork is offered for sale in our online gallery and shipped to the buyer with express shipping when purchased.

We strive to increase and constantly improve the marketing and sales of our artists' works (e.g. through targeted campaigns for each of our artist). We work together with a very experienced advertising and marketing agency, because, in the end, we all benefit only if the artworks on our site are actually bought and then find a nice new home with satisfied customers.

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What makes us stand out from competitors is that we are not out to get thousands of artists on board indiscriminately, collect high 'rents', and put up our feet.

We want to maintain a certain exclusivity for our artists as well as for our customers to promote art and to grow together with CheetahCraft.

We will achieve all this through personal selection, precise quality assurance and through supporting our artists and their works. We put all our efforts into optimizing our marketing and putting all available resources into promoting our artists.

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 In order to survive economically, we take it upon ourselves to actually sell your work.

We charge a one-time start-up fee of € 360,- and a monthly fee of € 12,-  for:

  • Portfolio & profile creation
  • Translation of all texts into English/German
  • Editing & optimizing of all photos (grey removal, tone value correction, etc.)
  • Installation of all selected works in the online shop
  • Inclusion in our Austrian-wide advertising campaigns
  • Paid and promoted social media posting exclusively for the artist
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the entire profile (texts, photos, works, headlines, tags, etc.) in order to be found on the Internet in the best possible and sustainable way.

For more information about our concept and the commission model that we follow, you are welcome to contact us - we will discuss all the details with you!


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 We own our own galery in the first district of vienna. All our online signed up artists are provided benefits to show their artworks also in the galery exhibitions.

We also offer all the benefits of a growing network: CheetahCraft is continually making new contacts, and has partner galleries where our artists can exhibit for free, or at discounted prices. We create long-term exhibition opportunities in offices, hotels, doctors' offices, etc., and also hold occasional events to which we invite interesting business people and potential buyers.

Our team is determined to improve our concept and our website by working with a professional agency, which, of course, also supports us in the major advertising campaigns and the exclusive promotion of our artists.


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CheetahCraft also takes care of: exchange rates, payment methods, transaction fees, customs, taxes, delivery channels, disputes, 24h customer support (multilingual), and everything else that is necessary for a worldwide distribution.

CheetahCraft is a young, motivated and growing company. We put a lot of time, love and capital into our development and that of our artists’. Once you become a part of our online art trade, you bear no risk, (except for the initial € 360,-), but enjoy many advantages through a dedicated team, and the chance to offer your works on the big global ‘stage’.


... so that artworks find a home in which they are respected and valued, so that artists are supported and can make art for a living ...

Do good with CheetahCraft


What remains to be mentioned is that not only our artists and the sale of art are close to our hearts, but also the animal that gave our company its name: the cheetah. Therefore we support an organization in Namibia dedicated to the protection and preservation of cheetahs with a part of our income.

If you are interested, please use our contact form or send an e-mail directly to art@cheetahcraft.eu. We will get back to you as soon as possible!





If you are interested, please use our contact form or send an email directly to art@cheetahcraft.eu. We will contact you as soon as possible!



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