,Africa. Africa. (Part 2)' - Exhibition at Sur Gallery

  • What: Unique works of art from Namibia (Africa)


  • Where: Sur Galerie (Seilerstätte 7, 1010 Vienna)


  • When: September 5th. – October 26, 2022 !EXTENDED! 


  • Opening hours: Tue-Fri 2pm-7.30pm / Sat 10am-7.30pm
  • EXTRA Vernissage of the exhibition on 30.September starting at 16:00!

What to expect

After the first part in July, we want to present our exclusive African art in a second 'Afrika. Africa.' exhibition and have the best and most popular works of art from our Namibia collections ready for this purpose. Colorful, wild and authentic, we want to say goodbye to the summer of 2022 and intensify the last heat waves with African culture and its warm aura.