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Worldwide Express Shipping
Beobachter Nada Nadj 86x96cm
1 390,00 €
Geben oder Nehmen Nada Nadj 100x70cm
1 190,00 €
Wilddog Blue Suzaan van der Ryst 55x75cm
590,00 €
Gold Eva Neuhold 120x60cm
990,00 €
Waves Eva Neuhold 80x100cm
790,00 €
Love in Colors Eva Neuhold 60x80cm
790,00 €
African Beauty Dalila Mudura 63x63cm
1 590,00 €
Kopfkino Dalila Mudura 75x55cm
1 590,00 €
Untergang Dalila Mudura 65x55cm
1 590,00 €
STOP Dalila Mudura 86x65cm
1 590,00 €
Goldener Käfig Dalila Mudura 80x63cm
1 590,00 €
Monroe Dalila Mudura 95x95cm
1 990,00 €
1 200,00 €
1 200,00 €
1 200,00 €
1 290,00 €
1 290,00 €
Elephant Elton Mugomo 67x54cm
490,00 €
Rhino Elton Mugomo 67x54cm
490,00 €
Kurze Liebe Dalila Mudura 86x65cm
1 590,00 €

Painting - unique artworks

The art of painting is considered one of the classic forms of art design. The styles of painting are limitless, ranging from abstract, semi-abstract, figurative, realistic, surrealistic and expressionistic to futuristic, symbolistic and much more. Pop art, graffiti, comic art and other modern styles can also be found in paintings and thus offer one of the most diverse variations in the art world.

Techniques of painting in the creation of such art-pieces can also be very complex and involve working with paints, spray paints, pencils, textures, textiles, brushes, spatulas, alternative objects and any kind of tools that an artist can find.

The wonderful paintings from our exclusive selection of contemporary artists on CheetahCraft are also varied and show traits of different genres, styles and techniques. All presented artworks are originals and testify to the artistic quality and special talent of our artists.


Buy contemporary artworks on CheetahCraft

As an Austrian art market, CheetahCraft represents an exclusive selection of contemporary artists from Austria, but our particular specialization lies on another continent and relates to the beautiful contemporary art from Namibia (Africa). The connection between two (art) worlds and the personal representation and presentation of talented contemporary artists from two very different cultures is particularly important to us. Art is art and should always be in the eye of the beholder, which is why we are happy to represent such different, versatile and special artists with equally unique and colorfully mixed paintings, photo artworks, sculptures and 3D wall sculptures.

The art on CheetahCraft is diverse, but they have one thing in common: they are all real, original, aesthetic pieces, created by talented artists, which we have selected with love and conviction. These works of art can then be auctioned off in a very simple and modern way: Our online art shop offers a detailed insight into our art selection and helps to get the best possible impression by means of photos, wall projections and information. For any uncertainties, a trained and helpful team is also available, which can be contacted with questions and concerns. If necessary, we also help and discuss individual options (viewing, art advice, test hanging, personal selection, commissioned works by one of our artists, etc.). Our exhibitions in various galleries in downtown Vienna are also a great opportunity to view our unique artworks in person and to be personally impressed by them. We appreciate your interest and would be happy to advise you!

We are happy to help you!