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Invest in art?

Art has been an investment opportunity for several generations and has moved many people to build up their own personal art collection. Art is still considered a tried and tested investment opportunity today, as the value of an artwork is very stable and yet has the potential to increase and multiply along with the reputation of the artist. In contrast to other investments, art has many other advantages, as it is an aesthetic cultural asset and also represents a visual enrichment.

In contrast to mass decorative goods and 'Ikea paintings', artworks are unique and therefore special in this world. Each work of art has its own story and its special charm, which only this one artwork alone possesses. When buying a work of art, you always buy a piece of the artist's inspiration, thoughts, emotions and visions. This uniqueness is the basis of every art piece and thus also the basis of the investment, because with increasing interest in the artist, the interest in their works increases as well, for which there is only one purchase address: the current owner of the unique artwork.

Aesthetic investment

Another undeniable advantage of art as an investment is that the time in which you own the work of art and its value slowly develops, it is not wasted time. While the artwork is in someone's possession and slowly developing in value, one can still enjoy their aesthetics and artistic aura. Art collections do not need to be stored in a safe or a depot, but can be hung up in your own living space, in the office or any other room, so they can be admired at every opportunity.

Support artists - preserve culture

Of course, not every art purchase has to have the motivation to invest money. Art can also just be bought for its own sake and bring joy, character and charm to a home. Nevertheless, it is nice to know that buying art - in contrast to simple, mass-produced decorative objects from industry - has many advantages. In addition to the tempting investment opportunity and the aesthetic component, buying art is also a good opportunity to support artists and thus an important part of our culture. In every work of art there is the artist's love, heart and soul and these efforts can be appreciated with a purchase.

Buy art on CheetahCraft

It is also important to us that we support modern art and, above all, the talented artists behind it - regardless of whether they are already known or just emerging. That is why we have made it our task to represent artists and their artworks and to help collectors, investors and art lovers finding the perfect artwork for them. Each of the artpieces that we offer is unique and the creation of a talented, verified artist. More detailed information on the artists, their background, work and inspiration, as well as any reputation (exhibitions, fairs, certificates, reviews, etc.) can also be viewed under 'Artists', which makes the decision to buy art easier. That way it is possible for every interested person to estimate for themselves - or with the help of our free advisory - which artwork is best suited for their own living space, the office, or as an investment.